Microsoft Slate Could Foretell the Shape of Tablets to Come

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Attendees at Microsoft's TechEd New Zealand show were reportedly treated to a preview of what may have been a new quad-core Windows slate device running on the not-yet debuted Windows 8.

The slate could be a giveaway at Microsoft's Build conference in September, according to a Smarter Geek blog post by attendee and IT consultant Alan Burchill. The information was treated with some skepticism, since other TechEd attendees didn't recall that claim, and one said the slate was running on Windows 7.

Regardless of the details, though, the device Microsoft showed probably won't be on shelves any time in the near future.

"I assume this is part of Microsoft gearing up for its developer conference in September. It would be a proof if concept, not a consumer-ready product," Sarah Rotman Epps, analyst at Forrester, told TechNewsWorld.

Buchill's post revealed two images of the thin-looking device that could be a predecessor to Microsoft's foray into the modern tablet market.

Microsoft didn't confirm or deny any part of the report.

The Next New Cyberdefense Strategy: Monitor Everything

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The definition of "cybercrime" is ever changing, as is the severity of attacks. 2011 has already been labeled the "year of the data breach," and yet many of the breaches are not the typical SQL injection attacks or database hacks. Instead, criminals are using legitimate website functions to steal data and sometimes money, from targeted organizations. Compounding the problem, as U.S. banks and other financial institutions are enabling customers and employees to make mobile transactions, security implications around both Web and mobile functionality have become a large concern for IT.

As the majority of today's applications and services are easily accessible via the Web -- website, intranet, mobile, etc. -- online security standards are a weakness that cannot be ignored. Although acts of cybercrime may not be classified as, "physical destruction," new threats crop up daily. Online institutions and the security industry need to band together to develop effective solutions that protect as many users as possible.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

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