Amazon Kindles Lose Weight

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The two six-inch-screen devices are smaller and lighter than Amazon's previous six-inch-screen Kindle, and they have more features.

The Kindle WiFi is priced at US$139, and the Kindle 3G + WiFi goes for $189. Both can be pre-ordered now and will ship Aug. 27, Amazon said.

More Pizzazz for Your Pesos

The two new devices are 21 percent smaller than the old Kindle, although they have the same six-inch screen size, Amazon said. They also offer 50 percent better screen contrast; crisper, darker fonts and a new Webkit-based browser.

With the new browser, Amazon has launched a beta program that gives owners of the new 3G + WiFi Kindle free 3G Web browsing.

Amazon has enhanced its PDF reader with dictionary look-up, notes and highlight capabilities. Further, page turns are reportedly 20 percent faster.

Owners of the 3G + WiFi Kindle get 3G wireless coverage in more than 100 countries and territories. The WiFi capability lets both new varieties of Kindle connect to hotspots at hotels and cafes. Connection to AT&T (NYSE: T) hotspots across the United States is free.

Amazon has doubled the storage for the new Kindles, and they can now store up to 3,500 books, just like the Kindle DX.

Blackberry Curve 9300

Friday, July 30, 2010

You already know the Blackberry 9300? This smartphone brings 3G to the Curve family, and a possible expansion in inches (and also the resolution) of your display, compared to its predecessor, while the information is not as precise, provides that this model will have an improvement in your CPU, a keyboard will bring a little more rounded compared to 8900, besides having a rounding keys Send / End, and all this technology is available to them now, come to . uk and get cheap Blackberry 9300 deals .

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Digital Photography

Camera-phone owners can use new software to reprogram these devices--and capture images that would previously have been impossible to get.
Stanford University researchers have made software for the Nokia N900 phone that gives developers, and users, greater control over the phone's camera components than ever before. This software makes a variety of apps possible. Using the software, developers have already created apps that can capture both light and dark parts of a scene, stitch panoramic photos together automatically, and capture extremely sharp photos even in low light.

"My hope is that this will shift the camera industry," says Stanford's Marc Levoy, who leads the group that released the software this week at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Los Angeles.

Digital photography is normally constrained by the software built into the camera by its manufacturer. A field known as "computational photography" expands the possibilities of digital photography. It does this by using software to provide the user with more control over a camera's components. Prior to the release of the new Stanford software, this kind of control has meant tethering that camera to a laptop. "That doesn't make it easy to try out our ideas in realistic settings," says Levoy.

Levoy and colleagues have also developed Frankencamera--an experimental, portable computational camera designed to be similar to a conventional one. Yet another way to expand the reach of this new approach to photography comes from smart phones--which feature powerful computers and increasingly capable imaging equipment.

"If other people in the mobile space start to experiment with these ideas, and users find that useful or cool, we will see similar apps in the biggest mobile app stores," says Levoy. "That will put pressure on the camera industry to open up to allow similar innovation using their platforms."

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Protein helps fix damaged DNA in yeast

Researchers from Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology have discovered how a protein called Mec1 plays the role of "guardian of the genome," explained Marcus Smolka, assistant professor of molecular biology and genetics. The findings are detailed in the July 30 edition of the journal Molecular Cell.

Previous studies have shown that cells lacking Mec1 accumulate damaged DNA and become more sensitive to agents that interfere with replication. The researchers report that the Mec1 protein monitors and repairs the machinery responsible for replicating the DNA. At times, when DNA becomes damaged, the replication machinery can actually detach from the DNA -- like a train coming off a track -- but Mec1 coordinates the repair of the machinery and the DNA itself, allowing it to restart and continue replicating.

"Mec1 organizes the cell's response against things that jeopardize the integrity of the genome," Smolka said.

During the replication process, Mec1 accumulates at trouble spots such as lesions in the DNA or other blocks to replication. Mec1 is known as a kinase, a type of enzyme that modifies other proteins by adding a phosphate group to them (a process called phosphorylation), which then leads to a functional change in the protein. The researchers report that Mec1 adds a phosphate group to a protein known as Slx4, which then triggers Slx4 to anchor to the replication machinery. Slx4 then can employ a variety of tools to repair DNA and the replication machinery.

The findings are important because researchers have discovered counterparts (called orthologues) to Mec1, other related proteins with similar biological pathways in humans. Also, mutations to the human genes that produce Mec1 and related proteins can lead to cancer predisposition and neurological disorders. At the same time, cancer cells employ their own similar replication repair system, so understanding the process may help researchers design interventions that interrupt replication of cancer DNA.

Recently, other researchers discovered that the human version of Mec1, called ATR, phosphorylates a protein that is the human counterpart to Slx4. The next step, Smolka said, will be to see if after phosphorylation the human Slx4 also anchors to the replication machinery to repair any damaged machinery or DNA.

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HTC's Droid Incredible Costs $163 to Make

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Droid Incredible, a smartphone manufactured by HTC Corp., has materials that cost $163.35, according to a teardown analysis of the phone conducted by iSuppli Corp.

The Incredible, which has been available for sale online from Verizon Wireless (VZW, VOD), is expected to make its debut at Verizon stores on Aug. 3 for $199 with a contract. It runs Google's (GOOG) Android operating system.

The iSuppli analysis released July 29 found that internally the Incredible is similar to a prior Android phone, the Nexus One, which Taiwan-based HTC built for Google. Google stopped selling the Nexus One on July 21. "There are so many commonalities between the Incredible and the Nexus One, and some of the other Android phones we're looking at, it's pretty clear the manufacturers are following some of the same basic design guidelines," says iSuppli analyst Andrew Rassweiler, who supervised the teardown.

For example, both use the same Qualcomm (QCOM) Snapdragon wireless chip in combination with the same touchscreen controller chip from Atmel (ATML), a San Jose-based chipmaker. "What we think is that there's a reference design, which is like a basic recipe, suggesting that if you use this chip in combination with another chip, you end up with a cool smartphone," Rassweiler says.

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House committee supports

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A House committee on Thursday approved an amendment to a bill that would clear NASA to launch an additional shuttle flight next summer to deliver critical supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

The move came as the House Committee on Science and Technology was reviewing its version of NASA's $19 billion 2011 funding package. The Senate version of the appropriations legislation already included the additional flight. But major differences remain in other key areas, including how much money goes to support development of a new private-sector manned launch industry, the timetable for development of a NASA heavy-lift rocket for deep space exploration, and plans for a new government-designed manned spacecraft.

Even so, Science and Technology Committee Chairman Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.) said in a statement that the House legislation "sets a clear, sustainable, and executable path for NASA, especially in the area of human space flight."
The Obama administration earlier this year proposed canceling NASA's Constellation moon program, including the Ares I and Ares V rockets the agency had planned to build to replace the shuttle. The Orion crew capsule that would have been launched atop the Ares I rocket would be converted into a space station crew lifeboat.

At the same time, the president called for a transition to private-sector rockets and capsules to ferry astronauts to and from the space station, allowing NASA to focus on development of new heavy-lift rockets and capsules for eventual flights to nearby asteroids and, eventually, to Mars.

But the president's plan would defer work on a heavy lifter until 2015, delaying deep space missions beyond low-Earth orbit until the middle of the 2020s in favor of near-term development of advanced technologies.

Supporters of the administration's space policy applauded the shift to private-sector launch services, arguing that increased efficiencies and innovation would open up the high frontier to more extensive--and routine--use. Under the administration's proposed budget, NASA would spend $6 billion over the next five years to spur development of private-sector launch services.

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YouTube repels Viacom's billion-dollar

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A JUDGE has thrown out a billion-dollar copyright suit the owners of MTV and Paramount Pictures filed against YouTube.

In what is a major legal victory for the video website, US District Court Judge Louis Stanton said that YouTube was protected against Viacom's claims of "massive copyright infringement" by provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The 1998 legislation provides protection for internet firms from copyright violations by their users, and the judge ruled that YouTube's actions, such as quickly removing infringing videos when requested, were in line with the Act.

YouTube's owner, Google, welcomed the ruling, while Viacom vowed to appeal.

Viacom, which owns MTV, VH1 and Paramount studios, sued Google and YouTube in March 2007, arguing that they condoned pirated video clips at the website to boost its popularity.

The lawsuit was merged with a similar complaint by the English Premier League, which said football clips were also routinely posted on YouTube without authorisation.

"This is an important victory not just for us, but also for the billions of people around the world who use the web to communicate and share experiences with each other," Google lawyer Kent Walker said.

Viacom's lawyer Michael Fricklas said the company was disappointed but was confident it would win on appeal.

"Copyright protection is essential to the survival of creative industries," he said.

"It is illegal for companies to build businesses with creative material they've stolen from others."

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How to choose the right-sized TV for your house

Thursday, July 8, 2010

APART from getting slimmer, the latest TVs are also becoming wider. The square box has been replaced with an almost wafer-thin widescreen display which has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

For some viewers who are looking to replace their old tube TV — or perhaps buy a second flatscreen for another room — one of the many questions being asked is just how big or small the panel should be to assure comfortable viewing.

The first thing to do is establish how far it will be between the panel and the couch — this is called the viewing distance.

This distance can then be taken and used to determine the maximum and minimum-sized TV to suit the room.

Those with the "go big or go home" attitude should take note of the distance they would be sitting from the screen before splashing out on the biggest screen they can afford.

Having a screen that's too big for the viewing space means you'll be sitting too close and see every pixel on the screen.

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Nokia N8 smartphone

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WHEN does a phone become too much? When it plays high-definition movies on your TV, or when it tells you how to drive in your own voice?

In its war against the iPhone, mobile phone giant Nokia is relying on giving its customers as many features as heavenly possible.

Perhaps, even, more than they really want.

The new Nokia N8 smartphone is packed to the brim with hi-tech tricks that range from brilliant to bizarre.

Due to hit Australian shores later this year, it will sell for $749, which puts it in the same ball park as the iPhone.

Here's our list of the N8's five most opulent features. You tell us — is it over the top?

Personalised GPS

The N8 has turn-by-turn GPS, which is great. But what's a little scary is that you can record your own audio to be played back as you drive.
In other words, you can sit there with your phone, record your own lines for 57 different possible driving instructions, and then listen to yourself yelling at you when you make a wrong turn.

The voice on the demo unit we tried said, in a surfie's voice: "Speed camera ahead dude! Either slow down or say cheese."

Nokia said customers could replace it with a recording of their husband or wife telling them how to drive. That sounds great, Nokia.

HDMI output

Despite the fact that connecting a gadget designed for mobility to a giant TV set seems a bit silly, the N8 lets you output video in HDMI.

That's what you'd usually use to connect a Blu-ray player, or something like a PlayStation 3, to an expensive HD TV, and it's designed specifically to do it in super-high definition.

Most phones can't output video at all, let alone in HDMI. And why would they? Do your home videos really need to be shown in 720p?

No anti-virus software?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

AUSTRALIANS would be forced to install anti-virus and firewall software on their computers before being allowed to connect to the internet under a new plan to fight cyber crime.

And if their computer did get infected, internet service providers like Telstra and Optus could cut off their connection until the problem was resolved.

Those are two of the recommendations to come from a year-long inquiry into cyber crime by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications.

Results of the inquiry, titled Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime, were released last night in a 260-page report.

In her foreword, committee chair Belinda Neal said cyber crime had turned into a "sophisticated underground economy".

"In the past decade, cyber crime has grown from the nuisance of the cyber smart hacker into an organised transnational crime committed for vast profit and often with devastating consequences for its victims," Ms Neal said.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

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Troublesome Surprise

This month's Patch Tuesday arrived with a rather unwelcome security surprise.

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) had expected things to be somewhat sedate; however, instead of two vulnerabilities that it expected needed patching, it got hit with four, including a new zero-day Internet Explorer exploit.

Further, Microsoft has had to update its Malicious Software Removal Tool to include Win32/Helpud, a Trojan that's been around since 2008. In addition, it's keeping an eye on a VBScript vulnerability that could allow remote code execution.
Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days Are Gone

On Monday, Microsoft issued its advance notification security bulletin for Patch Tuesday. This slated Bulletins MS 10-016 and MS 10-017 for release Tuesday.

On Tuesday, it added Bulletins MS 09-033; 981374, revived a warning about the Win32/Helpud Trojan first published in December 2008, and said it "continues to monitor" the threat landscape around Security Advisory 981169 about the VBScript vulnerability.

The expansion was unexpected. "Contrary to what we expected last week, the Microsoft March security announcement has a little surprise in it," Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer of Qualys, wrote in his blog.

He described Windows Producer as "a little-used multimedia add-on to PowerPoint".
Another Day in IE

A new Internet Explorer vulnerability, which could allow remote code execution, has surfaced.

Like the vulnerability that led to hack attacks on Google and more than 20 other large American companies -- a series of events that escalated to spark off a war of words between the United States and China -- this latest flaw is due to an invalid pointer reference, according to Redmond.

However, the two are unrelated, Microsoft spokesperson Jerry Bryant told TechNewsWorld.

Microsoft's investigations show that IE 6 Service Pack 1 on Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, and standalone versions of IE 6 and IE 7 are vulnerable. However, IE 8 and IE 5.01 Service Pack 4 on Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 are not affected.

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Android Becomes Flash

Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving With FP 10.1 for Mobile

Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile was redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile-specific features, Adobe said.

It offers accelerometer support, letting mobile device owners view Flash content in landscape and portrait modes. Its Smart Zooming feature lets users scale content to full-screen mode.

Adobe has also optimized the platform jointly with "virtually all" major mobile silicon and platform vendors to optimize CPU use and battery performance.

A new Smart Rendering feature ensures that Flash content runs only when it becomes visible on the screen, to cut CPU use and battery consumption. FP 10.1 for Mobile has a Sleep Mode that automatically slows it down when the mobile device it's running down goes into screen-saver mode.

An Advanced Out-of-Memory Management feature lets FP 10.1 for Mobile effectively handle non-optimized, resource-hungry content. An automatic memory reduction feature cuts the RAM usage of by content by up to 50 percent. Further, FP 10.1 for Mobile pauses automatically when a phone call comes in or the device user switches from the browser to other functions. It resumes where it left off when the user switches back to the browser.
The Remaking of the Smartphone

"This addresses one of the big problems Flash has faced -- that it hasn't run very well or at all on cellphones," Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told TechNewsWorld. "It opens up an era of cheap computing for cellphones," he said.

"Now, the PC will have to redefine its value, because the vast majority of the standard things we do for mainstream computing involve the Internet and don't require the PC anymore," Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist at In-Stat, pointed out.

"Mobile apps, which are changing the structure, the usage models and everything we've associated with the Internet, replace the browser, the website and content applications you're trying to get to," McGregor told TechNewsWorld. "With Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile, smartphones are drastically changing what we thought of the Web."

FP 10.1 for Mobile will enable smartphone owners to download rich Internet applications, games, data presentations and visualizations and other rich content on their devices. This will boost the fortunes of graphics processing unit (GPU) makers.